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Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Make Money Blogging for Beginners

The 7 Day Blogging Action Plan

A lot of times when people start a blog they just have no idea where to start…I’ve been there….

Once you get the blog set up including your hosting and domain name, you can now actually start writing in your blog….yay!

Make money blogging for beginners

Day 1:  Is probably one of the most important steps in our one week action plan.   In day one what you need to focus on before writing one word is to make a clear decision of what you want to accomplish through your blog.

I suggest you take out a piece of paper and write down the title of your blog or domain name on the top.  Next, make a list of the things you want your blog to do for people and what story you want to tell through your blog.  Write down what kind of value you could offer people with this topic.

So for instance if you want to make a blog on parenting let’s say…then you may write down all of the different stages of parenting. You could also write down different parenting styles.  You could explore different kinds of parents as a category like…single moms…single dads…etc…

So day 1 is important because it is laying the foundation of what your blog is about and who your blog is for including what kind of value you can give people…Your blog is about Parenting and your making this for all different kinds of parents who want to learn more about parenting issues and connect with others…capish?

Day 2:  Focus on a few key categories and write down the categories you want to have cover your blog to start.  Your obviously not going to have every category in your mind right now but put down the few key categories that would be great to get your blog rolling…

Now under these categories come up with 1 or 2 sub categories that you think you would want to write about….  So in keeping with our parenting theme.  Let’s say your categories at first are:  Parenting Problems, Parenting Gurus, and Parenting Love….(Just go with this)

Under each category, write down a few sub categories you could think of that would go under those main categories….

Next Step:

Here is where you need a keyword search tool.  A great keyword tool that I use is called longtail pro

I use the platinum version to find the perfect keywords that make it easier to rank in Google and get your posts seen.

The Platinum version does everything the standard Pro version does but makes it easier to assess competition, store keyword favorites, and auto-tracks your rankings in Google plus more.

Google has done away with it’s prior keyword tool but uses the keyword planner now that is good but does not give you the full picture like LTP.

Once you find the right keywords that have good traffic but are not too difficult to rank for, take those keywords and make your title around it and put it in the body of your blog.

there are a million ideas for titles right?…”5 ways to stop screaming at your kids”..(hey-I could use that)…”See what Doctor Spock says about your two year old”, and “Loving your teenager even when she slams a door in your face”…. :)

You want people to read this stuff of course… You need to keep in mind that yes you are blogging from your heart and yes you aren’t doing this for Google BUT if no one sees it, no one reads it, and the underlying point of your blog is to give value and generate income!  Hence the “Make Money Blogging for Beginners” title.

Day 3:

After you use your keyword research tools and come up with a title of a blog post, you now need to focus on your content.  The content of your blog is very important.  You want to always be thinking of how you can give value to people who read your blog.

Your content is what’s going to keep people reading what you have to say.  Make sure your content is current, helpful, and easy to read.

It’s important to have the content that your reader can walk away from with new insights and ideas.  Give your readers answers to their problems.

For example, in your parenting blog you would want to answer those questions that parents are looking for.  You would want to blog about your experiences with parenting and where you had some breakthroughs or insights that would help others.

People like to feel understood and like to walk away with an answer to a problem or frustration they are having.

So for day 3, write a blog post after doing some research or after jotting down your own experiences and make sure your post has value and good content.

Day 4:

When you are pursuing income with your blog, you do need to look at your blog as a business.  There are a few different ways you can make money with your blog.  To read more about that see this post here.

So when your setting up your blog as a business you need to pick one or more ways you are going to use your blog to generate income.

A lot of people refer certain products that they review or are affiliates for in order to earn extra money online.

You can always do your own product like write an ebook an sell that.

The main way I make money through online blogging is to resell these products that can be used for any business out there.

If you plan on adding a number of different revenue streams, some of these affiliate items or paid advertising may come as you blog about different things.

Day 5:

A lot of times people are not just reading your blog for information but they want to be able to trust you, especially if they are going to buy from you.  In order for people to trust you, they need to know who you really are.

It’s good to really step out of your comfort zone and show that you are a real person like them and that you have many of the same struggles and issues that they may have…..

You need to be relate able but most importantly Be Yourself.  You will see business grow as more and more people trust you and identify you.  For more information on this see my post, people are your product here.

So for day 5, jot down some things about yourself.  Write down “your story” and think about how you could integrate your story in your blog posts or through videos.

Day 6:

Similar to day three, on this day you want to focus on quality and value.  Think about how you can give 80% and only take 20%.  Write down ways that you could help your readers and not just give them the same old information.

Focus on how you can write quality posts and really look into research when writing your content.

Even though your site is going to bring in income, the only way to get there is to give away quality content.  Keep this in mind with all of your blog posts. It will get easier to write the longer you are doing this.

For another post on this subject, go here.

Day 7:

Write down long term goals, including what kind of money you intend to make and where you see your blog in a few years from now.

The key to making money online with blogs is to think long term.  You are not going to post one blog post and then have money pouring in.  It takes time and it takes consistency.

The more consistent you are the more people will respect and follow your blog.

Now that you have your 7 day strategy down, just keep taking action!

Many times you are not going to want to blog but if you can keep coming back to it and use your keyword tools to find great search traffic, you will get leads and over time be able to make money blogging!

Consistency is key….Be Patient….You will see traffic, just not overnight…

Joanna Bostwick


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